About Steve

Steve Buck is experiencing fatherly pride on a whole new level by signing on as an agent for Preslee Real Estate—Broker/Owner Abby Walters is his daughter! He loves the Preslee team atmosphere and all of their administrative support and follow-through. Steve brings a lot more than pride to the table, however: extensive knowledge as a long-time real estate investor, has been a licensed Realtor since 2014, and is married to a real estate broker of 31 years. He has thirty years of experience with the U.S. Forest Service, during which he has worked in the Law Enforcement & Investigation branch of the agency and as a Fire Management Officer in wild-land firefighting.

Steve’s knowledge of the local mountains is second to none, and land is his specialty. He is a veteran real estate agent who knows his way around a compass, plat, topography map, GIS  & GPS systems, and the hunt for great deals on the perfect parcel of land for any purpose. Steve spends his free time exploring the land he loves: he skis and snowboards with his children and grandchildren and loves to take his Harley-Davidson motorcycle for scenic rides at every opportunity. As a husband, as a father and grandfather, and as a proud Federal civil servant, Steve Buck has learned a great deal about living well. Whether your dream is to put down roots in the Valley, the mountains, or right downtown, let Steve Buck help you find a place where happiness can bloom!