Get Cozy! Your Fall Fun Checklist Before Winter Hits!

Fall Home Checklist - November 23 (1)

As the leaves turn into a dazzling array of colors and the air gets that crisp, fall feel, it’s time to sprinkle some fun into your home maintenance routine! At Preslee Real Estate, we’re all about making the transition into winter a blast. So, grab your pumpkin spice latte and let’s dive into our Fall Fun Checklist!

10 things you’ve just gotta do before winter wraps its chilly embrace around us!

1. Roof Rendezvous:
Channel your inner detective and give your roof the once-over. Swap out any rogue shingles and make sure your home is snug as a bug to dodge those winter leaks.

2. Gutter Glamour:
Say goodbye to boring gutters! Give them a makeover by clearing out leaves and debris. Trust us; they’ll thank you by keeping your home water-damage-free.

3. Crackdown on Drafts:
Seal up gaps and cracks like a DIY superhero! Keep those chilly drafts out, and enjoy a toasty home without breaking the bank on heating bills.

4. Heater Spa Day:
Your heating system deserves some pampering too! Schedule a spa day (a.k.a. professional maintenance) to keep it running smoothly and avoid any winter tantrums.

5. Chimney Cheers:
Let’s make sure your chimney is ready for the spotlight! Get it inspected and cleaned, so it can safely host those cozy winter fireside chats.

6. Winterize Wonderland:
Give your lawn and garden a winter vacation. Trim, drain, and cover up – your outdoor oasis will thank you when spring rolls around.

7. Detector Disco:
It’s time for a party with your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors! Replace batteries, test them out, and ensure they’re ready to disco through the winter nights.

8. Pipe Pajamas:
Keep your pipes warm and snug in their winter PJs! Insulate them to avoid freezing mishaps and bursts – no cold showers here!

9. Farewell, Furniture!:
Bid adieu to outdoor furniture or give it a cozy cover-up. Winter’s coming, but your furniture doesn’t have to hibernate – it can party indoors!

10. Emergency Elegance:
Create an emergency kit with flair! Think flashlights, snacks, and a touch of sparkle. Be the hero of unexpected power outages and winter storms.

Get ready to turn your fall into a festival of fun and preparation! Preslee Real Estate believes in making every season a celebration, and with this Fall Fun Checklist, you’ll be singing “let it snow” with a cozy, well-prepped home. If you’re dreaming of buying or selling this season, our team at Preslee Real Estate is here to make your real estate journey as enjoyable as a sleigh ride. Cheers to warm homes and winter wonders!